Fairway Woods

We Fit the Shaft to Your Swing

The shaft in a gulf club has to be exactly right for you to get the most from your swing. When you start to swing, the shaft loads (bends). If the shaft is exactly right for your swing, it will unload (straighten) through impact. The correct shaft will help you hit the ball farther and straighter.


FlightScope is the world’s original, leading technology for 3D ball tracking and sports information systems. It’ll take you beyond your imagination in achieving exceptional performance in your sport

FlightScope was pioneered from military tracking radar and industrial electronics technologies. From a solid background in ballistics (the science of projectiles) and high-reliability systems, FlightScope provides unbeatable, cost-effective 3D tracking solutions for sports businesses, broadcasting, teaching and entertainment.
Improve your game dramatically with FlightScope’s comprehensive features:
  • a golf training aid
  • club fitting
  • swing analysis
  • indoor golf simulator




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