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Come experience the most complete fitting system in the tri-state area on our indoor FlightScope fitting system. Have your equipment fitted and built by the best custom club builders. Come see what technology can do for your game.  There is no risk to you.  All you have to lose is......... your handicap!


What is Single Frequency Matching?

Standard Frequency Matching is a system introduced in an effort to make the shafts more consistent from the wedges through the long irons.  This system promoted a maximum of approximately 4 CPM (cycles per minute) per club.  Assuming that you still had the correct head and grip weight, this would give you a variance of approximately 28 CPM 3-PW.  This is a noticeable improvement over the traditional stepped process which could vary as much as 40 CPM 3-PW. MORE


We Fit the Shaft to Your Swing

The shaft in a golf club has to be exactly right for you to get the most from your swing. When you start to swing, the shaft loads (bends). If the shaft is exactly right for your swing, it will unload (straighten) through impact. The correct shaft will help you hit the ball farther and straighter. MORE

We are proud to bring you Fujikura Shafts

The # 1 Shaft on Tour

There is no risk to you.

All you have to lose is……your handicap!

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