Fairway Woods





  • Exotic Alloy for Maximum Energy Off the Face

  • Cobalt Strength is Twice That of Stainless Steel

  • Ideal Gear Effect

  • Benefits: Great Distance and Consistency 



KZG Cobalt Drivers are guaranteed to consistently hit straight and long every time. The exotic metal face inserts are hot, hot, hot!

Cobalt is a metal ideal for golf club heads. Cobalt is more than twice the tensile strength, yield and elongation than 17/4 stainless steel. It is so hard that its alloys are resistant to abrasion and are often used in the manufacture of jet engines (400 lbs. of Cobalt are used in the manufacture of every 747 jet engine.) Its tightly packed crystalline structure is exceedingly dense allowing for consistency and maximum energy off the face.

Cobalt Drivers feature a 300cc size head with ideal gear effect to assure that your drives will end up in the middle of the fairway. Extremely easy to hit and control.


DRIVERS: #1 #1 #1 Tolerance
RH Lofts: 9 10.5 12 1.0
LH Lofts:   10.5 12 1.0
Lie: 57 57 57 1.0
Weight (G): 198 198 198 3.0
Volume (CC): 300 300 300 3.0



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