Fairway Woods





  • New Double Face Technology (Patent Pending)

  • The most accurate driver on the market

  • Aerodynamic body design

  • Benefits: No loss of distance or accuracy on off-center hits


The KZG Gemini is without a doubt the most accurate club on the market. The Gemini Drivers have virtually no loss of accuracy or distance on toe and heel hits! If you are looking for a club that keeps the ball in play, look no further.

The Gemini Drivers are guaranteed to improve your performance and enjoyment of the game. These innovative drivers are designed with a second plate behind the forged and heat-treated titanium face to add greater stability and rigidity. The result: the entire face reacts like a giant sweet spot.

The feel, sound and performance of the Gemini Drivers are exceptional. When custom built with the shaft and specifications ideal for your swing, this innovative driver is guaranteed to out-perform any driver on the market!

The four-piece titanium body comes in two sizes: 355 cc and 395cc. Available in a Steel Blue or Midnight Black.

Gemini Drivers:                 Tolerance
Volume (CC): 355 355 355 355 395 395 395 395 5.0
Lofts: 9 10.5 12 SL 9 10.5 12 SL 1.0
Lie: 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 1.0
Weight (G): 198 198 198 198 198 198 198 198 3.0
LH:   10.5       10.5     1.0



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