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  • Super SP-700 Beta Ti Face

  • One of the Most Accurate Drivers on the Market

  • Aerodynamic Body Design

  • Benefits: Great Distance and Accuracy even on
     off-center hits


The SP-700 is phenomenal! The super SP-700 Beta Titanium face is heat treated and forged to give the optimum distance allowable under current USGA COR Rules. Engineered for accuracy, this driver assures straight shots even on toe and heel hits.

The SP-700 Driver is the same aero-dynamic body shape as the Gemini without the second face plate. Coupled with the hot face, the SP-700 is one of the most accurate drivers on the market. We have found the SP-700 second only to the Gemini in accuracy ... the difference between the two is that the SP-700 seems to have more workability while the Gemini just goes dead straight. The 355cc pear-shaped head provides a wide hitting area for ease of play.

The excellent spin rate of the SP-700 coupled with the ideal launch angle guarantees superior performance on every hit. Outstanding feel. Also offered in the popular new high launch loft of 14.

Available in Midnight Black.

SP700 DRIVERS:         Tolerance
RH Lofts: 9 10.5 12 14 1.0
LH Lofts:   10.5 12   1.0
Lie: 58 58 58 58 1.0
Weight (G): 198 198 198 198 2.0
Volume (CC): 355 355 355 355 5.0



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