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"There's nothing else like Heavy Putter out there. They have a product that has so many selling points to it."
- The Augusta Chronicle

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"Try it right now."
- Golf Digest


"I can't wait for the golf season to start so I can use my Heavy Putter."
- Sports Illustrated


"Get the Heavy in motion and it almost swings itself."
- Golf Magazine


"The golf world has taken notice of Heavy Putter … it feels amazingly stable."
- Golfweek


"Can wipe out the dreaded yips that have befallen many golfers."
- The Golf Channel


"There are so many benefits that make the Heavy Putter superior it would take too long to list."


"Heavy Putter stabilizes your stroke."
- Popular Science


"It's weighty enough to force the shoulders to get involved and take those twitchy small muscles out of play."
- Travel & Leisure Golf


"The Heavy Putter has helped bring your putting up to pro standards."
- Nicklaus Magazine


"This might be the next craze in putters."
- Chicago Tribune


"Heavy Putters are rapidly catching the public's fancy with their patented heavy head design."
- Private Clubs


"This putter better utilizes the human elements in the putting stroke."


"Featured 'What's Hot' Product'"
- GolfWorld / GolfWorld Business


"A 250-gram insert in the handle raises the balance point of the putter to promote a pendulum swing, soft feel and improved distance control."
- PGA Tour Partners Magazine


"All testers were amazed about how rock solid and easily controllable the Heavy Putters were on the greens."


"In just three months on the Tours, the Heavy Putters were immediately put into play, earning six top-10 finishes."
- Pub Links Golfer Magazine


"The Heavy Putter can save us all."
- NBC Sports


"The weight of the putter dampens impact vibration for a soft feel."
- Golf Illustrated


"Heavy Putter does everything you want it to do. After you use it, you can't believe what another putter feels like in your hands … When you use Heavy Putter, you can't stay away from it."


"Golfers are swearing by it."


“Definitely one of the best products I encountered at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show.”
- SCORE Golf


“Superior control of distance, velocity and direction over other putter brands.”
- The Golf Wire


"Beautifully designed."
- Fairway Greens


“Once you switch, you can’t go back.”
- Web Street Golf Report /


“Longer, slower, more fluid stokes.”
- Orlando Sentinel


"Heavy Putter represents a significant change in golf club design, contravening the popular notion that lighter is always better."
- On Course Living


"The Heavy Putter will feel different in your hands but once you get used to it, you may not want to give it up."
- California Golf Lifestyle


"The attention to detail is evident with these putters."
- Golf Today


"Heavy Putter … an ace in the hole."
- The Ottawa Sun


"It's an implement that can actually improve the player's stroke … you almost have to try and miss a short putt."
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel




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