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Heavy Putter™ Technology is a radical step in putter design. It is as different from conventional putters as a metal driver is from persimmon.

When you putt with it, you will Feel the Difference.




Heavier Mass Putter Heads  |   Patented Heavy Putter™ heads weigh between 450 and 550 grams. Conventional putter heads weigh roughly 330 to 350 grams. The heavier mass of the putter head disengages a golfer's small wrist muscles and engages larger shoulder muscles. This promotes a pendulum stroke and leads to a more consistent swing path. The heavier head mass also produces a softer feel by dampening vibration at impact.


Weight Management System™ (WMS™)  |   A low balance point exacerbates the putter head's release causing wrist breakdown through impact, making the putter head uncontrollable. Heavy Putters™ have a WMS™ insert weighing 250 grams located inside the upper shaft. (Patented) The WMS™ shifts the putter's balance point higher up the shaft.


High Balance Point  |   Heavy Putters™ have a balance point that is 75% higher than conventional putters. (Patent Pending) The higher balance point allows the golfer to manage the heavier mass head and consequently benefit from its greater stability. Raising the balance point of the putter brings the center of mass of the putter closer to the center of mass of the golfer. This increases the stability of the putter throughout the stroke. The higher balance point also creates a tighter end over end roll of the golf ball. Locating the correct balance point for each golfer ensures a proper and consistent release through impact.


Extreme Heel-Toe Weighting  |   Heavy Putter™ head designs have incorporated extreme heel-toe weighting which creates a high moment of inertia. A high moment of inertia means that the putter head will resist twisting on off center hits and consequently produce straighter putts that reach the hole.


Conclusion  |   The results for the golfer are improved path, greater stability and a consistent release through impact which results in a superior roll of the golf ball leading to fewer putts per round and improved scores.



  • The Heavy Putter™ has been PGA Tour tested and tour proven. The response from the PGA Tour has been overwhelmingly positive.
  • Early prototypes of the Heavy Putter™ were used in PGA and College tournaments as well as by top amateur golfers.
  • Early testing done by Bentley Sports revealed the prominent differential of the Heavy Putter™ over traditional putters.
  • The field testing was done by golfers of all abilities and handicaps.
  • Heavy Putter™ is currently using the Science in Motion Inc. 'Super SAM' System to analytically show the difference between conventional putters and the Heavy Putter™ technology.
  • The results will be made available on this website once the independent testing is completed.



  • The heavier mass engages large muscles and disengages small muscles.
  • Using the large muscles of the chest, shoulders, and back promotes a pendulum stroke with less deviation in path.
  • The higher balance point encourages lighter grip pressure which creates a smoother stroke, more solid contact and improves distance control.
  • The higher balance point produces a consistent end over end roll immediately after impact.
  • The higher balance point leads to a more consistent putter release through impact and a more constant acceleration throughout the stroke.
  • A heavier mass increases head stability throughout the impact zone improving putting accuracy.
  • The extreme perimeter weighting and the face balanced head design create a high moment of inertia, thus improving distance control and accuracy for off-center hits.
  • The Heavy Putter's personal fitting system optimizes the putter's performance for the individual golfer.
  • Heavy Putter™ lengths are adjusted to match the golfer's putting posture.
  • Fitting the proper length and optimizing the balance point of the putter is achievable with the Interchangeable Tip Weights and the WMS™.


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